Fancy cellphone runs Windows XP


Windows XP

Cellphones are evolving into pint-size PCs, and this xpPhone from Chinese company ITG is the latest extreme example. This Windows XP-running slider started out as a murky demo at a trade show, and now the company is offering it for preorder at an as-yet-undisclosed price.

Its 4.8-inch 800x480 touch screen is almost big enough to be a digital picture frame, and it has two drives — an 8GB solid-state drive and a 30GB spinning hard disk. The company tried to put everything into this AMD Super Mobile CPU-running phone, including Wi-Fi, connectivity to any US cell network, Bluetooth, VGA output and the ability to use it as an external hard disk.

Windows XP

Too bad it's heavy as an anvil, weighing 2 ounces shy of a pound. That's hefty enough to pull your pants down if you want to pocket the thing. Its stated battery life could be an exaggeration, boasting talk time of five hours. Wonder how long that "Internet experience" will last with its lithium-ion battery.

Windows XP

Slim this down to about half its thickness and weight, and install Windows 7, and you could be looking at the phone/computer of the future.


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