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New prototypes! The first electrically complete inPulse prototypes roll off the assembly line from our early prototype manufacturing partner. Keep in mind that the following two pictures are of early stage prototypes; the actual watch is crafted of high grade metal and glass, not rapid prototyped 3D plastics!


We started experimenting with different user interface designs at this point. We can’t say too much about this, but make sure you sign up for our mailing list at www.getinPulse.com or follow our progress on this blog/twitter/facebook. You’ll want to hear about some of the crazy things we’re planning to do with inPulse!


With the financial support of Ontario Centres for Excellence, Allerta partnered with the Advanced Interface Design Lab and Professor Catherine Burns at the University of Waterloo. Her team studied inPulse and designed an extremely creative one-button interface that meshes perfectly with the main purpose of inPulse: to provide you with instant, handsfree access to incoming messages from your smartphone. Check out some of the sample screenshots below. The final interface may be modified before final release.

inPulse is getting closer to completion. In order to ramp up for production, we switched to working with an overseas manufacturing partner with experience in watch casings. Final renderings and technical drawings are created.

September 2009 - Pre-production prototypes began to arrive from the manufacturer. Brass was selected as an easy prototyping material to work with initially. Here’s an example of a pre-production watch case milled out of brass. It’s missing the glass lens, but gives a good idea of the dimensions of the watch.

Current status - Launch day (today) coincides with the roll-out of Ontario’s new cellphone driving ban. inPulse is designed to be a handsfree method of checking your BlackBerry. Perfect timing, eh!

You can get in line to purchase one of the very first inPulse smartwatches right away. Just head on over to www.getinPulse.com and put your name down! It’s only $149, what a deal!


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