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Working with Aza Raskin of Mozilla Labs as part of their Concept Series, yours truly is helming the open source project to design the Mozilla Phone. The lovely BlackBerry you see here is the first throw-away concept to come out of the project blog at MozPhone.com. While only a crude mashup of a Blackberry 7130 and the Optimus Keyboard, its serves to illustrate how much more we need phones to communicate with us.


Mixing channels of communication like with the Storm’s clickable screen or this concept’s OLED buttons allow the phone to create more information rich experiences that help break down barriers created by size limitations. If you’re technically inclined Industrial or Interface design, or just like talking about phones, leave some comments or contribute over at the development blog.


Designer: Billy May


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I agree this OLED based Blackberry cell phone is very stylish and it's interface is quite unique yet it is also very user friendly. I must say Blackberry's handsets are getting smarter day by day.

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It is a interesting concept comes from designer billy may.The OLED blackbarry combination of blackbarry 713o and optimus keyboard.which allow phone to create more information rich experience.

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Interesting concept but design is not that smart

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