Golden Buddha Cell Phone


No this isn’t some type of retro prop from the Golden Child, instead its a REAL Golden Buddha Cellphone. I have to say for a site that likes to sell knock-offs, this one is pretty impressive since it’s an original. The Golden Buddha is made with genuine jade, pearl powder lacquer and a 24k gold plated finish.


Each one is individually numbered and comes with a matching golden dock and Bluetooth headset. For the devout Buddhist you can make a quick prayer to the Supreme Buddha before answering your phone. There is a virtual prayer hall within the menu system of the phone which allows you to give a prayer and a digital offering to all the important Buddha Illuminati including; Sakyamuni, Maitreya, and Bhaisajya – just to name a few.


The phone is fully unlocked and is dual-band GSM, so it can be used on just many networks worldwide. Some other features include a 2″ LCD, 1GB memory, and an integrated camera. There are no specs on the megapixels though. The Golden Buddha Cellphone with Genuine Jade retails for a whopping$ $2,498.87 , so you’ll need to be a really devout Buddhist to actually get one.



Revive Energy Mints said...

Well, I would have wanted an affordable version of it, I mean if those people who're the followers of Buddha and they're better than those who're rich and if they want it then what about them? You see....not all those who've money are true in their religion. But then yes, they don't need this phone :) They've Buddha with them.

xloxidian said...

divx indir
Erotik Videolar

Thanks :)

Agenzie modelle milano said...

Wow it's too good and wonderful phone, i really like it, Thanks for giving this blog.

Venice Hotels said...

It's really different and traditional looks in mobile phone. I don’t know much about the logistics of making a virtual offering but I do know that this phone also has a camera, video, supports bluetooth and works on GSM at the two frequencies of 900MHz, 1800MHz and also have 1 GB memory.

Hostess firenze said...

Too attractive and superb phone, Thanks.

.net graph database said...

The Golden Buddha cellphone supposedly comes with genuine jade, pearl powder lacquer and a 24k gold plated finish - sounds pretty expensive despite its vendor.This is a fully unlocked dual-band GSM mobile phone to use on any network. Perfect for the business woman who often travels

Online Paralegal Degree said...

It is good but It is more costly I think.

Limousine Hire said...

Mobile company has been published a new golden Buddha model because this is model golden layer surrounding the mobile and good features available in the mobile 2 LCD and 1GB memory and integrated camera. so very nice model.

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The Buddha cell phone is a must have for any serious gadget lover

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